Hi there,

You found me, the work-in-progress portfolio website of Vincent Noben.

Why a portfolio you ask? Well… That’s a sad story 😢
My current employer “Onlyhumans” has decided to no longer invest in, nor expand the WordPress oriënted development team we had. So I got one of those fancy “Registered letters” with the polite notice that my contract shall end…

So euhm… Hi there (again)…  I’m looking for a job.
I have 6 years experience of custom WordPress theme development at Onlyhumans Agency. Over the years I’ve built and maintained numerous WordPress websites from scratch. Some of them you might have unknowingly visited in the past. I’m very agile – in the non-development sense 🤭 – and will try to find a solution for every (ok… most) problems you throw at me. WordPress is what I breathe, and where I’m home. Front-end, back-end, server setup… I do it all. I’m not afraid of ad-hoc work, or some hair pulling work every now and then (like those damn email templates right…). I pride myself on 1) making clean and user friendly back-ends for client’s to work with, and 2) my ability to transform technical instructions or explanations into non-tech-client wording that they understand… (We all know the type of client we’re talking about here right? 😉)

Feel free to contact me at noben(dot)vincent(at)gmail(dot)com
Or through one of the social media links in the footer below.
And you can be sure to hear from me soon.

For the time beïng: goodbye, and enjoy the lorem ipsum below. Because what is a development portfolio without some good old lorem ipsum’s.

Vincent Noben

Download my Curriculum Vitae



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Yeah, I know. There is no reason for it to be so long… Or is there… 😉